Coaches & Captains

Meet Our Coaching Staff and Team Captains.

Our Coaches

Our coaches bring a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to our ski team. They are constantly striving to increase their technical and tactical knowledge of ski racing through education from the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), and the National Ski Patrol (NSP). They ensure athletes’ long-term improvement by providing our high school racers with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of racing techniques and tactics. Skiers of all levels can subsequently improve their involvement with the Sparta Alpine Race Ski Team.

Coach Rodney Calafati

Rodney Calafati

Head Coach

Rod is an inspirational coach that has a great capability to connect with racers and get them to perform at their best. He is fanatical about alpine ski racing and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Rod has been involved with the Sparta Ski Team for the past nine years and this is his seventh season coaching the Sparta High School Ski Team. Coach Calafati has been named "NJ Ski Coach of The Year" three years in a row for the 2024, 2023, and 2022 seasons. Rod coached the NJ State Ski Team at the 2024 and the 2023 Eastern Regional High School Championships in New Hampshire. He is the founder of the "Don't Just Ski. RACE.", alpine training programs and ski instructions.

USSA Level 200 Alpine Race Coach & Official | VARA Ski Coach | NJISRA Head Coach | NJISRA Vice President & Petro Chair | Stratton SWSC Alpine Race Coach | Stratton SMSS Professional Ski Instructor | USSA Alpine Competition Official (CO) & Jury Advisor | U.S. SafeSport | CPR, First Aid, AED & Stop The Bleed

Assistant Coach

Serena Calafati

Serena Calafati

Assistant Coach

Sparta High School graduate. Former SHS alpine racer & team Captain.

NJISRA Assistant Coach | USSA Level 100 Alpine Race Coach & Official | Stratton SWSC Race Coach | Stratton SMSS Ski Instructor | Don't Just Ski. RACE. Coach | U.S. SafeSport, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Assistant Coaches

Brendian Moriarty

Assistant Coach

Assistant Sparta Ski Coach 8 Years | NJISRA Alpine Official | Sparta High School Teacher | CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Claudia Calafati

Assistant Coach

USSA Level 100 Alpine Race Coach & Official | Stratton SWSC Race Coach | Stratton SMSS Ski Instructor | Don't Just Ski. RACE. Coach | UVM ASRC Alpine Racer | Former SHS Racer & Team Captain | U.S. SafeSport, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Rylee Selsor

Assistant Coach

Don't Just Ski. RACE. Coach | Former SHS Racer | U.S. SafeSport, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Evalyn Fitzsimmons

Assistant Coach

Former SHS Racer | SHS Substitute Teacher | CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Therese Calafati "Mrs Coach"

Coach's Aide

Don't Just Ski. RACE. Program Director | Coach's Apparel Lead | Former President Sparta Ski Boosters 2019-2022

Our Captains

Captains are selected as leaders on and off the hill. They are a great resource for new athletes on the team to answer questions and be positive role models. Please seek them out to assist you in any way. Find out what it takes to become a Team Captain.
*  Each season one to four ski racers may be named team captains. Team captains are often announced before the start of the new race season. Additional team captains may be named at the end of dry-land training or during the season.

Ski Team Captains 2023/2024 Season

2024 Ski Team Captains

George Flint (Junior), Madison Campisi (Senior) Devon Dobbs (Junior)

Ski Team Captains 2022/2023 Season

2023 Ski Team Captains

Kanna Pasunuri (Senior), James Kressman (Senior) Elizabeth Flint (Senior)

Ski Team Captains 2021/2022 Season

2022 Team Captains Kanna Pasunuri  & Cora Moriarty

Kanna Pasunuri - Junior Cora Moriarty - Senior

Ski Team Captains 2020/2021 Season

2021 Team Captains Claudia Calafati & Rachel Young

Claudia Calafati - Senior Rachel Young - Senior

Ski Team Captains 2019/2020 Season

2020 Team Captains Connor McAndris & Olivia Finkeldie

Connor McAndris - Senior Olivia Finkeldie - Senior

Ski Team Captains 2018/2019 Season

Sparta Ski Team Captains 2018/2019 Season

Brendan Muhs - Senior Joe Russo - SeniorOlivia Finkeldie - Junior

Ski Team Captains 2017/2018 Season

Sparta Ski Team Captains 2017/2018

Brendan Huff - Senior Valeryia Shumskaya - SeniorSerena Calafati - SeniorBrendan Muhs - Junior

Ski Team Captains 2016/2017 Season

Rex Anderson - Senior Jared Kish - SeniorSerena Calafati - JuniorHannah Newbold - Junior