Captains’ Roles

Expectations & Responsibilities of Sparta Ski Team Captain

Captains’ Expectations

The title of "Captain" is awarded to one to four ski racers based on their commitment to the Sparta Alpine Racing Ski Team. Being a team captain is an award for an individual’s demonstration of character and dedication, and is also a commitment that carries responsibility and accountability to our ski team.  This level of commitment extends through the entire year, serving as role models and leaders of the ski team.  The characteristics listed below are guidelines Coach Calafati looks for when making the decision to award a racer with the title of "Captain". 

Skills and Qualities of a Sparta Ski Team Captain:

  • Makes the Sparta Ski Team their top Priority
    Ability to communicate well with others and create positive rapport
  • Shows dedication to Skiing, the Coaching Staff, and the Race Team
  • Leads by example through their actions and decisions
  • Is a positive role model both on and off of the mountain
  • Exhibits a strong work ethic
  • Optimistic outlook - Knows how to remain positive regardless of the situation
  • Be Confidential - Captains will be privy to additional information from coaches or teammates. This information is told in confidence and will need to be kept confidential for the betterment of the team. This will be crucial in maintaining an environment of trust and respect.
  • Be Responsible and Mature - A captain is dependable, punctual, and emotionally mature
  • Be Respectful - A captain must always respect peers and coaches
  • Committed to balancing self, academics, family, and skiing
  • Maintains academic integrity: A minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout
  • Must have one year of team racing experience

Our team captains are expected to be strong leaders for our ski team.  A captain’s influence on the team is very influential and important.  As an actively participating member of the team your attitude, dedication, belief, and support is what will assist in keeping the team’s focus and devotion.  Your belief in the coach’s decisions, practices, strategies, and events will influence the whole team’s mentality.  Your actions, comments, attitude, work ethic, commitment, and decisions are the characteristics that will influence your teammates.  Since a captain has such an influence on the team in a multitude of ways, the coaches will have meetings regularly to keep communication clear and consistent.  The captain also acts as a voice for the team.  Item’s in relationship to the team should be discussed with the head coaches and captain(s).  A captain is expected to be involved in, and promote, all of the team activities and events. 

The coaches will provide the captains with direction and support.  An important part of being a captain is to take the responsibility to demonstrate leadership and create team-building experiences.  The coaches expect discussion from the captain(s) on any decisions related to the ski team.

Captains’ Responsibilities

  • Puts the Sparta Ski Team first before all other sports, clubs & events; including USSS club racing
  • Meet with Coach on a regular basis.
  • Address all concerns, issues, etc. with the coach.
  • Relay messages appropriately to the team from the coach.
  • Motivate racers
  • Unite the team and build team spirit 
  • First at practices/races and last to leave
  • Get the word out about the Ski Team to all high school students
  • Encourage racers to wear Ski Team Apparel to school, especially on race days!
  • Urge racers to attend Registration Meeting, Ski Swap, VT Weekend, Practice and Races
  • Be prepared to say a few words and answer questions at the Registration Meeting and Year End Banquet
  • Add new racers into the group chat and keep all racers informed
  • Promote team events and race results through Social Media Networks.
  • Monitor comments of others on social media and report negative or questionable comments to Coach

Dry-land Responsibilities:

  • Prepare name games & team-building exercises for the first few practices.
  • Lead the team in warm-up run and stretches
  • Work hard, have fun, and give 110%. Support & encourage all your teammates to do the same.
  • Keeps team on the task at practices

Mountain Responsibilities:

  • Supervise team area at the mountain. Make sure it stays clean. Chairs in. Gear stowed on racks. No garbage (toe/hand warmer backing, etc.) on tables or floor.
  • Demonstrate & train new team members in the fine art of “running coats”.
  • Demonstrate practice drills and techniques
  • Bib collection at races. Responsible for getting each bib back in order and into its’ proper spot in the team bag.
  • Coordinate with your school’s yearbook staff to assure we are properly represented. Supply correct pictures, names, etc.
  • Cheer on JV and X racers at the summit to the very end of the race 
  • RIDE THE BUS WITH YOUR TEAMMATES EVERY DAY - To and from the mountain
    • Take attendance on the bus.
    • Inspect and clean up the bus upon arrival.
    • Set the example for proper behavior on the bus. 

End of Season:

  • Collect Race Suits and return to the Coach
  • Pass materials & knowledge onto the new team captains.

The head coach may revoke this title from the individual(s) at any time if they feel the requirements are not being satisfied.