Dry-land Training Sponsors: Revolution & Ritfit

RitFit & Revolution Training
Revolution Balance Boards
RitFit Balance Balls
Revolution Balance Boards
RitFit Balls

Now that dry-land training has come to an end, the Sparta Alpine Race Ski Team would like to thank our two dry-land sponsors, Revolution Balance Boards and RitFit for their generous donation of dry-land training equipment, helping our ski racers focus on form, balance & strength training. Both the Revolution Balance Boards and RitFit Balance Balls were a powerful training tool this pre-season, and without a doubt, two of our most popular stations in our weekly outdoor circuit training sessions. 

Practicing race tucks and squats on our Revolution Fit Balance Board Trainers proved to be a great workout for balance training and core strengthening. It helped strengthen the muscles and stabilize the joints in the legs that are active while ski racing. The Revolution Balance Board Trainers even allowed our racers to select their difficulty level, with the choice of a Roller, Rocker or Wobble Cushion under the board. Training on the Revolution Balance Boards was a blast, helping our racers to engage their core, while improving their stability and athletic stance. And occasionally our racers enjoyed throwing down a switch 180. For more information on the Revolution Balance Board Trainers visit: https://revbalance.com/

With the RitFit Balance Balls, our alpine racers worked on body-weight squats, lateral ski hops, single leg abductions and squats with medicine ball toss to a partner. Whether the RitFit Balance Balls were used flat side up or round side up, our racers loved these fun blue domes, which closely simulated the experience of skiing on the slopes. Practicing our race tucks on the RitFit Balance Balls offered a complete workout for our feet, ankles, glutes and core muscles. The RitFit Balance Ball workouts, definitely delivered the burn into our racers legs and helped condition our team for the competitive slalom races to come. For more information on the RitFit Balance Balls visit: https://www.ritfitness.com/

Revolution & RitFit, your support has made a world of difference in preparing our ski racers for the upcoming race season.

Thank You Revolution & RitFit for supporting the Sparta Ski Team!